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Adding a guest author

This article is a work in progress.

To add a new guest author on your WordPress site, simply click on Guest authors » Add New and fill out the form.

You need to provide the author name, which is actually the only mandatory field. All other fields are optional.

Form fields

Name. The author’s complete name.

Bio. The author’s description or short biography… or actually whatever you like. Shortcodes are accepted when using Molongui Authorship Premium.

Avatar. The author’s profile photo. It can be any image you upload. If none is provided, Molongui Authorship Plugin will try to retrieve the associated Gravatar to the given e-mail address, if set.

Professional profile. Different information regarding author’s professional activity. This information will be displayed on a text line below the author name within the author box.

Social networks profiles. The author’s social media public profile URL’s on each social network. Only those profiles with a valid URL will be displayed on the author box.

Once you have added the guest author on your WordPress site, you can add him/her to any post or page. See Authoring a post to read detailed information on how to add an author to a post.

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