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First things first

What in first instance was just an author box plugin now has evolved to become a complete suite on all about authors and authorship. Extending and enhancing WordPress default features, Molongui Authorship Plugin allows you to give multiple authors credit on one post, to add writers as bylines without creating user accounts and to automatically display author info and related posts within a fancy author box on all posts, all pages or just on those you configure.

This user guide is intended to explain how to configure Molongui Authorship plugin so you can get the best of it. Nonetheless, we are always at your disposal, so do not hesitate to contact us for additional details or inquiries by opening a support ticket (here) or chatting with a live customer service representative (clicking on the “Chat with us” blue button at the bottom right of this page).

Throughout this guide, we use the generic term “post” to refer indistinctly to “posts”, “pages” and any other “custom post type” (like “articles”, “products”…).


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