User's Manual


We test Molongui Authorship Plugin with every WordPress release, and with many of the most popular themes and plugins. However, conflicts with other themes and plugins still happen, and this is usually the root cause if any part of Molongui Authorship is not working on your website.

Here are steps you can take to figure out the source of the issue:

Step 1. Check for already known-issues

Before going any further, please check the list below. These are common configuration problems which have already been reported and have a well-documented solution.

Step 2. Make a backup of your site

Before testing anything, please make sure you have a backup of your entire site. This is especially critical if you try switching themes in step 4. If you don’t have a backup solution already, we usually recommend the free Duplicator plugin. Updraft Plus is another good free option.


  • If you have a live site with daily viewers, you may want to activate a Maintenance plugin while doing these steps.
  • If you have caching set up, try to turn it off while testing, or clear it between tests. Also be sure to reload the page you’re testing.

Step 3. Deactivate Plugins

  • If possible, deactivate all other plugins besides Molongui Authorship.
  • Reload the page where Molongui Authorship wasn’t working.
  • Does it work now? If so, you know one of those plugins is the source of the problem. Begin reactivating your plugins one by one, testing if Molongui Authorship works after activating each one.
  • If it stops working after re-activating a certain plugin, most likely that one is the problem.

In some cases you may need to leave plugins such as a page builder active if it’s required to display a Molongui Authorship shortcode where you want it. Just keep in mind if you test all other plugins and don’t find a problem, the one(s) you’ve left active could be the source.

If Molongui Authorship doesn’t work with all other plugins deactivated, proceed to step 4.

Step 4. Switch to a WP default theme

Caution:  depending on your theme, switching to another theme and switching back can cause unexpected changes, especially in your widgets and menus. Make sure you have a backup before doing this.

If you’ve concluded that other plugins aren’t causing the issue, try switching to the default Twenty Seventeen or Twenty Sixteen themes. Test if Molongui Authorship works with one of these. If it works now, you can be sure the conflict is with your theme.

Doing these steps will help us to help you troubleshoot quicker. Whatever the problem, just open a support ticket and we’ll do our best to help you fix any issues you’re having.