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How To Upgrade To Premium

Every Molongui Plugin is available in two versions: the free version and the Premium one. Molongui Premium Plugins offer much more features and flexibility than the free versions.

So, if you want to enjoy one of our Premium Plugins, first thing you need to do is to purchase it. You can check them out on our web site.

Once you have completed the purchase, you will get an email with your client credentials, user key and instructions on how to download the installer. Use those credentials to log in into your customer account and download the installer of the Premium version of the purchased plugin.

In order to enjoy premium features, you have to remove the free version of the plugin should it be installed and install the premium one using the installer you can find in your customer account.

Should you have being using the free version of the plugin and want to keep the current set configuration, please, make sure to have the “Keep configuration?” and “Keep data?” plugin settings set to “Yes”.

Here is a step by step guide of what you should do:

  1. Remove the free version of the plugin you have purchased (if it is installed) (?).
  2. Purge any cache system you may have.
  3. Download the installer of the premium version of the plugin.
  4. Install it. (?).
  5. Activate it if not already.
  6. Enjoy!
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