Molongui Authorship Pro





Molongui Authorship provides you all the missing features you might need to properly manage and credit all the contributors to your site. Powerful and easy.

  • Author Box – Automatically display author info, bio, social icons and related posts within a highly customizable and responsive author box on posts, pages or there where configured.
  • Co-authors – Multiple authors contributed on a piece? Easily assign posts to multiple authors and properly credit to everyone involved.
  • Guest Authors – Easily assign posts to guest authors or one-time contributors without creating a WordPress user account for them.


Author Box Features

  • Fully Customizable – Layout, style, position, spacing, alignment, avatar, color, size and text options
  • Different Layouts
  • Live Preview on WordPress Customizer
  • Optional Headline
  • Content Selection – Shows author name, avatar, website, e-mail, bio, social icons and/or related posts
  • Local Avatar – Upload and display a custom picture or Gravatar
  • 90+ Social Icons
  • Related Posts
  • Automatic Display
  • Edit Strings – Easily customize/translate standard text displayed on the box
  • Flexible Display options
  • Posts and Pages support
  • Structured Data – Adds Schema Markup
  • Responsive – Nice looking on desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile
  • RTL support
  • Custom Post Type support. Display the author box on articles, projects, products…
  • Conditional Display – Control author box display based on post, post categories or post author
  • Enhanced display settings
  • Third-party shortcodes support
  • Shortcodes – Add as many author boxes as you needed, anywhere
  • Premium Layouts
  • Premium Social Icons – 20+ additional social profiles (check them out)
  • SPAM Protection

Co-authors Features

  • Multiple Authors – Easily assign posts to multiple authors and properly credit to everyone
  • Native Experience – Choose from all the authors in your site, and assign them as authors as you normally would
  • Drag & Drop – Easily list authors names in the order you define by intuitive drag and drop
  • Byline Customization – Choose how many authors to display and which delimiter to use between co-authors
  • Properly Linked – Optionally make each author name in the byline links to their archive page
  • Author Box compatible. All authors in one box or each on their own

Guest Authors Features

  • No Account – Add writers as bylines without creating WordPress user accounts
  • Native Experience – Choose from all the authors in your site, and assign a guest author as author as you normally would
  • Bulk Edit
  • Guest Author Duplication
  • User-to-Guest & Guest-to-User Conversion. Easily convert authors type. Just 1-click!
  • Guest Archives – All posts from a guest author listed in a single page, just like WordPress does with registered users

Local Avatar Features

  • Custom Image – Upload a custom profile picture for your users
  • Image Source selection. Local, Gravatar or auto-generated acronym/letter avatar

Even More Features

  • Author List – Easily display a list of authors thanks to a highly configurable shortcode
  • Author Posts – Easily display a list of posts by author thanks to a highly configurable shortcode
  • Post Byline – Easily display the byline of a post anywhere you wish. Customizable shortcode
  • Contributors Page – Automatically generated page listing all authors in your site
  • REST API Support
  • SEO Options – Help search engines to properly index your site and improve SEO

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