Molongui Authorship Premium

Molongui Authorship Premium

Wordpress plugin

The #1 All-In-One Authorship Plugin For WordPress

Molongui Authorship is the definitive WordPress Authorship plugin to easily customize your posts authors, with an easy and intuitive interface add multiple authors to your posts, prevent authors to have login access to your Dashboard by adding them as guest authors and display author bio boxes the beautiful way.
Molongui Authorship Plugin

License options

A regular license entitles you to 1 year of updates and premium support from the date of purchase. An extended one has no such limitations.


You Will Molongui Authorship Plugin. Others Already Do

But hey, don't take our word for it, see what our customers are saying.
The support for this plugin is above and beyond anything I've experienced with any other plugin. They've been extremely helpful, timely and polite. I made a few suggestions and they added them into the new release. This plugin has been extremely helpful and the support is absolutely top notch!
I really can't speak highly enough about this plugin, and especially the support offered! I have had quick and clear responses to issues, the support team always spend the time necessary to fix an issue if one comes up. What's more, I have seen them add new features that I've asked about, literally the very next day! Very highly recommended!.
The only true multiple author plugin I could find. I started with the free version and opted to go pro to get all the bells and whistles. One of the best plugins I have purchased to date... Love it! Wow and let’s not forget the support on this plugin... I asked if a few features could be implemented over the last week and sure enough, they made updates/additions that I had asked for. Molongui Pro ROCKS!
I'm using Molongui Pro and love it. It's the best authorbox plugin I have found. I had a few issues with my CDN and their CSS files and their support helped me fix it straight away. They were also very open to my suggestions for improving Author Schema and implemented an update to it a few days later. Good stuff

Easy And Powerful WordPress Authorship Plugin That Has It All

Molongui Authorship is the best WordPress Authorship plugin. Here are the features that makes Molongui Authorship the most powerful and user-friendly WordPress Authorship plugin in the market. The one that others try to copy.


Easily add as many co-authors as you need to any post.
Guest Authors

Guest Authors

Add writers as bylines without creating WordPress user accounts.
Author Box

Author Box

Responsive and Simple Author Box. Display cool and fancier author bio box anywhere.
Local Avatar

Local Avatar

Use any image from your WordPress Media Library as a custom user avatar.
Author Archive Pages

Author Archive Pages

List posts written by guest authors as though they were users
Search for Author Names

Search for Author Names

Enable search in author name fields and display the posts created by that author.
List of Authors

List of Authors

Easily display a list of authors and contributors on your site. Anywhere.
Posts by Author

Posts by Author

Easily display a list of all posts by author. Anywhere.
SEO Friendly

SEO Friendly

Structured data. Google Authorship. Facebook Authorship. Nofollow links and tag level selection.
Multisite compatible

Multisite compatible

Ready to be network activated on multisite installations.

Top 4 Reasons Why People Love Molongui Authorship

With over 42,000+ downloads, Molongui Authorship is the perfect solution for you. Here's why smart business owners, designers, and developers love Molongui Authorship, and you will too!

Simple, Fanciest And 100% Customizable Author Bio Box

Simple, Fanciest And 100% Customizable Author Bio Box
Author Box made simple. Just fill in the information to show for each author and it will be automatically displayed in a fancy and fully customizable author box on all the posts.

Name, bio, picture, job title, company, website, phone, e-mail address and 90+ social media profiles fields available.

3 different layouts. 11 different templates. Bunch of styling options. Endless author boxes. Easily customize yours to be unique thanks to the live preview Customizer.

Coded using structured data to help search engines index your website better. Protected against SPAM bots. Designed to look wonderful on any screen.

All The Author Missing Features You Need In Just One Plugin

WordPress is great. But let’s be honest, it has its limitations: doesn’t allow truly guest posting, credits just one author per post and forces you to use Gravatar as the author picture.

Molongui Authorship allows you to add writers as bylines without creating any WordPress user account. Essential to prevent security holes and to avoid having many users that might just post one or two articles for your site. Add guest authors and easily assign them to posts, just like you would with users.

It also allows you to credit more than one author per post, no matter whether they are guests or users.

And you can also upload an image and use it as the author picture. Forget about having to configure Gravatar accounts or showing boring “Mystery man” or weird-pixelated alien images.
All The Author Missing Features You Need In Just One Plugin

The Only Multi-author/Co-authors Plugin That Actually Works

The Only Multi-author/Co-authors Plugin That Actually Works
Molongui Authorship is the only true multi-author/co-authors plugin.

Easily add as many authors as you need to each post and configure the order in which they must be displayed by intuitive drag and drop.

Molongui will automatically display all the authors for a post in the byline, making each name to link to their archive page, no matter if they are guests or users.

It will also display an author box for each author of the post or one author box with all of them. That’s your call.

Outstanding Premium Support

We try to offer the support we would like to receive. And that's something our clients love. You just need to read the reviews to get a glimpse of that.

You can even reach us directly from your WordPress Dashboard!

And we are glad to admit that many of the functionalities the plugin has are somehow suggestions made by you, our users.

If there is a functionality that you need but Molongui Authorship doesn't offer, just let us know and we will try our best to add it. Obviously, that might not be always feasible or it might be implemented later than you would like... but hey, we are just human, right?
Outstanding Premium Support

Molongui Authorship vs. Molongui Authorship Premium

Choose the version that's right for you
Multi-authors / Co-authors
Add multiple authors to a single post
Guest authors
Add unlimited guest authors
Add guest authors to posts
Guest author archive pages
Author box
Automatically display on posts and pages
Above the content, below or on both positions
Different layouts available
Premium layouts
Bunch of styling settings
Premium styling settings. 100% customization
Customization with Live Preview
Display a headline above the author box
Author name link control
Premium social media icon styles
80+ social networks profiles
20+ premium-only social networks profiles
Display author related posts
Accepts third party shortcodes in bio text
Display on custom post-types
Hide on selected post categories
Advanced display settings (per author, per post configuration)
Shortcode to display the author box on the sidebar
Local Avatar
Use any uploaded image as author avatar. Forget about Gravatar
Default to Gravatar if no image uploaded
Author archive pages
Guest author archive page
Change template to use
Change URL author base
Change URL permalink
Include pages (besides posts)
Disable archive pages
Display the author box anywhere
Display a customized list of authors
Display the byline of a post anywhere
Display author properties (name, avatar...)
Enhanced search
Search by author name
Include guest authors archive in search
SEO Friendly
Structured data
Facebook Authorship
Google Authorship
Open Graph Author Tags
Add 'nofollow' attribute to external author links
Select HTML tag to use on some author box elements
Spam protection
Encoded e-mail addresses
Encoded phone numbers
Other features
Guest author bulk editor
Post author bulk editor
Contributors page
Multisite compatible