User's Manual


Molongui Authorship works with almost every plugin and theme, and especially with popular ones. However, some might conflict with some features Molongui Authorship provides, preventing them to work as expected or to work at all.

Here we list the plugins and themes we know Molongui Authorship has some sort of conflict with. This doesn’t mean they cannot work well together! It might just need you to set some specific configuration to either fix the issues or workaround them.

This is not a complete list. Not because we have omitted anything we know, but because there is no way to check compatibility with all the plugins and themes out there. All the issues listed here have been reported by you —the Molongui Authorship users. So if you think you might be experiencing a compatibility issue please let us know. We’ll be happy to find a fix for it.

In order to know which theme or plugin is causing conflict with Molongui Authorship, please follow the steps described on this other support article. Knowing who is conflicting with Molongui Authorship is key for a faster resolution.

Plugin Compatibility

Here we listed the known plugin conflicts with Molongui Authorship and added a workaround to almost each of them.

Theme Compatibility

Here we listed the known theme conflicts with Molongui Authorship and added a workaround to almost each of them.

Cache Compatibility

Cache is a widely used method for storing information so that it can be later accessed much more quickly. Thus is used by many sites to speed up loading times.

If you have been using caching for a while, you already know that it needs purging so new content and updates get displayed.

As far as we know, Molongui Authorship is compatible with every cache plugin available out there. From time to time, you might need to clear your cache, especially persistent object cache, to get latest changes applied.

If you experience issues activating your Pro license, it might be because you have an object caching mechanism. Please follow this support article on how to get it fixed.

CDN Compatibility

When using a CDN to serve files like stylesheets and scripts, you might experience issues with how the author box is displayed.

Best thing to do, not just for our plugin but for everything in your site, is to configure your CDN to provide the proper CORS headers. Unfortunately, some providers doesn’t offer such option. So, if you use a CDN and your author boxes layout doesn’t look as expected make sure to enable the CDN compatibilty option in our plugin settings page: Molongui > Authorship Settings > Compatibility > CDN