What is an Author Page?

An author page (aka “author archive page” or “author archive”) is a WordPress built-in page which displays a list of all posts written by an author.

Unlike posts or other pages you add to your WordPress site, you cannot edit an author page. They are displayed using the template provided by your active theme.

Some themes allow you to configure whether to display custom information about the author. This can include things like name, bio, social profiles, and more.

With Molongui Authorship, author pages list all posts an author has contributed to, so both main and co-authored posts are listed.

Do not confuse Author Pages with an Authors Page (aka “Contributors Page“). While the first one lists all posts written by an author, the latest one lists all authors who have contributed with their content to your site. Molongui Authorship Pro automatically creates for you an additional page called Contributors Page. You can customize that page using the editor of your choice.

Updated on March 28, 2021

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