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How to display a list of posts by author

Applies only to the Pro version of the plugin, release 2.0.10 or higher.
Go Pro!

Would you like to display a list of all the posts from any given author of your blog? Perhaps not all but just the latest? Molongui Authorship Premium allows you to display a list of posts anywhere you like thanks to the use of a shortcode. Check this article out to know how to use that shortcode.

Using the trivial shortcode, a flat posts list will be rendered showing the name of the posts as a link to their single page. Check the shortcode and the output below:

Editor input


Frontend output

There are no posts to list.

We are working to add more layouts for the posts list. Hopefully they will be available very soon.
Should you have any particular need or suggestion, please, let us know by opening a support ticket with us.
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