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Applies only to the Pro version of the plugin, release 1.0.0 or higher.
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If you’ve been using WordPress for a little bit, you might have come across the term “shortcode”. While shortcodes are an exceptionally helpful feature in WordPress, the name isn’t very self-explanatory (at least at first). That might have you wondering… what are shortcodes in WordPress?

In a nutshell, a shortcode is a small piece of code, indicated by brackets like [molongui], that performs a dedicated function on your site. You can place it just about anywhere you’d like, and it will add a specific feature to your page, post, or other content. For example, you can use shortcodes to display an author box, a list of authors on your site, or even the authored posts by a given author.

Shortcodes can be simply copied and pasted directly onto your site. Generally, they’re placed into a post or page. However, they can go in any location where you can add code through the WordPress editor, such as a custom post type or a text widget.

Is there anything “bad” about using shortcodes?

Nope! There’s nothing wrong with using shortcodes. There is one thing you should remember, though: If you use shortcodes that come bundled with Molongui Authorship plugin, those shortcodes will stop working if you ever disable the plugin.

This isn’t a “bad” thing – it’s just something you should be aware of so that you don’t get surprised down the road!

Available shortcodes

Here it is a complete list of shortcodes available with Molongui Authorship Pro: