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Applies only to the Premium version of the plugin, release 2.0.10 or higher.
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This shortcode allows you to display a list showing (all the) posts from any given author anywhere you want.

It can be used anywhere within WordPress where shortcodes are supported. For most users, this will primarily be within the content of a WordPress post or page or the sidebar.

That posts list can be customized making use of the optional attributes this shortcode can take.


A trivial shortcode to display a Molongui Posts List looks like this:

Editor input


Frontend output

That would display a flat posts list, showing the posts’ title as a link to them. Check the image below:

We are working to add more layouts for the posts list. Hopefully they will be available very soon.
Should you have any particular need or suggestion, please, let us know by opening a support ticket with us.


Check out below all the available attributes you can use to fully customize the posts list:

Author ID. If none given, assigned main author to the current post is taken.
Accepts User or guest author ID.
Available since version 2.0.10.
Whether the author of the posts is a guest author.
Accepts "yes" or "no".
Defaults to no.
Available since version 2.0.10.
Post type to list.
Accepts "post", "page", "all", "selected" and "related".
Available since version 2.0.10.
Posts IDs to list.
Accepts Comma separated post IDs.
Available since version 3.2.18.
Posts IDs to exclude from being listed.
Accepts Comma separated post IDs.
Available since version 2.0.10.
CSS class to add to the <div> containing the list.
Accepts CSS class names separated by spaces.
Available since version 2.0.10.
The icon to display before the post title on the flat layout template.
Accepts "feather", "doc", "list", "user", "info", "at", "checkmark", "ok", "cancel", "plus", "minus", "star", "heart", "notice", "tip" or "none".
Defaults to feather.
Available since version 2.0.10.
Post title color.
Accepts Accepts CSS color values.
Available since version 2.0.10.
Post title text decoration.
Accepts CSS text-decoration property values.
Available since version 2.0.10.
You can filter the posts retrieved by this shortcode by specifing any meta_key name existing on your installation.
Available since version 2.0.15.
The value the specified meta_key should have in order to retrieve the post. This value is mandatory if "meta_key" attribute is being used.
Available since version 2.0.15.

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