First Steps

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Authoring a post

When publishing content in WordPress, the content author is set to your user by default. However, you may need to attribute the content to someone

Changing an author

Do you want to change the author of a post in WordPress? Sometimes you may need to display a different author, than the person who

About authors

Work in Progress We are working on this document. Hopefully it will be available very soon. Should you need assistance, please, open a support ticket

Users vs. Guest authors

Capability/Option Registered user Guest author Log in Yes No Edit own profile Yes No Write content Yes No Publish content Yes No Author a post

Adding a user

There are two types of authors from the Molongui Authorship perspective: registered users and guest authors. Main difference between both being that registered users has

Adding multiple authors

Multiple authors worked on a post? Molongui Authorship allows you to easily assign posts to multiple authors and properly credit to everyone involved for their