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When publishing content in WordPress, the content author is set to your user by default. However, you may need to attribute the content to someone else e.g. the CEO or a guest blogger. This article tells you how to do so.

The About authors article explains in detail how Molongui Authorship enhances limited WordPress authoring features. In short, Molongui Authorship allows you to easily change the author of a post without creating additional users thanks to what is called “Guest authors“. See Changing an author article to read a detailed step by step guide on how to add a different author to your post.

But that’s not all Molongui Authorship has to offer. Many websites often have multiple authors working on the same article. For example, on news websites sometimes multiple journalists contribute to a single story. In that case you may want to give credit to all the authors who worked on the post. How do you do that in WordPress? You just can’t. See Adding multiple authors article to read a detailed step by step guide on how to achieve that thanks to Molongui Authorship.

Updated on February 5, 2022

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