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In order to run, the Molongui Authorship plugin requires: PHP 5.5.0 or greater — considering WordPress recommends it to be 7.4 or greater, this should

How To Install Molongui Authorship

The free version of the plugin, aka Molongui Authorship Lite, is in the WordPress plugin directory, so it can be installed using WordPress Plugin Search

How To Install Molongui Authorship Pro

Molongui Authorship Pro is an add-on to the Molongui Authorship Lite plugin, which is available for free in the WordPress Plugin Directory. So in order

Where Do I Find the Plugin Installer?

Installer for the free version You have all Molongui plugins available for free in the WordPress Plugin Repository. That means you can install any Molongui

How To Update

We keep improving our plugins by adding new features, improving code quality, and keeping them secure. These changes are then released as updates. You should

Upgrading to Pro

You reading this means you have purchased the Pro extension of one of our plugins, so yay! A huge thank you! You should have received