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What if you needed to add some string before the byline? Let’s say you wanted to remark it by adding an illustrating “Written by”. How in the heck would you do that without hacking in your theme or functions file? Molongui to the rescue!

Molongui Authorship Pro provides two customization settings that allow you to prepend and append any string –even HTML code– to your bylines. We call them byline modifiers.


These settings do not remove nor replace any modifiers added by your theme, like the widely used ‘By’ prefix.

You can find them on the Molongui > Authorship Settings > Byline settings page, under the Modifiers section:

There is no need to add the trailing space after the string to prepend nor the lading space before the string to append, the plugin already takes care of that for you.

As you can see on the screenshot, HTML code is supported, so you can add your own styles and custom elements. Sweet!

Updated on February 21, 2022

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