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Author bio is not loading in the editor box? Or maybe it is not saving? I bet you are running WordPress 5.5 or higher. Don’t you?

Since WordPress 5.5 the jQuery Migrate 1.4.1 script is not loaded anymore. That script made very old code to be compatible with latest jQuery.

That’s not an issue for our Molongui plugins, but it could be for any other plugin you have installed. So it is that plugin the one causing conflict and preventing the editor to work properly.

Best approach would be to do a complete plugin conflict check (see here how to) and identify the culprit. Once identified, update it to the latest version hoping the developer has fixed the issue. Another approach would be to update your theme and all the plugins to the latest version, but make sure it is safe to do it for you.

If you cannot deactivate all the plugins on your site to do the check or you already have them all up to date, you need to install the “Enable jQuery Migrate Helper” plugin, which brings back that script that makes old code compatible with latest jQuery.

Updated on January 24, 2022

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