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Is the author name displayed on your posts wrong? Maybe it is displaying the name of the user/editor who actually added the post? Or is it displaying the whole byline as the name of the first author (on a co-authored post)?

Most of the issues related with wrong author names being displayed appear on guest and co-authored posts. But don’t worry, if your are facing these kind of issues, keep reading.

Theme Compatibility Issues

Molongui Authorship offers out-of-the-box compatibility with most of the available themes for WordPress. However, yours might required some adjustments to be made to work properly.

Please reach us out opening a support ticket by submitting the form you will find here. Do remember to indicate the name and version of your theme, the version of WordPress you are running and the installed version of Molongui Authorship.

Persistent Object Cache Issues

What is Object Caching?

Object caching involves storing database queries so that the next time a piece of data is needed, it is delivered from cache without having to query the database.

Why Persistent?

Object caching is more powerful when it can be used to cache objects between multiple page loads.

What's the Problem?

It can cause some unexpected issues, like displaying wrong author names or data, particularly on guest or co-authored posts.

How To Fix?

Issues with Object Cache can be easily resolved by excluding Users object from persistent object cache. Some web performance optimization plugins, like W3TC, offer an option to exclude specific objects to be cached on persistent object cache. However, object cache exclusions might not be available when object cache is provided by your hosting, like WPEngine. In such cases, and if you are experiencing issues, we recommend disabling object cache.

Updated on February 21, 2022

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