Molongui Authorship Issues with CDNs

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When using a CDN to serve files like stylesheets and scripts, you might experience issues with how the author box is displayed.

Best thing to do, not just for our plugin but for everything in your site, is to configure your CDN to provide the proper CORS headers. Unfortunately, some providers doesn’t offer such option.

So, if you use a CDN and your author box layout doesn’t look as expected, make sure to enable the CDN compatibilty option in the plugin settings page. It is quite straightforward:

  1. Go to: Molongui > Authorship Settings > Compatibility
  2. Locate the panel labeled CDN
  3. In there, enable the CDN Compatibility setting by toggling on the switch.

Boom! That’s it. Check your frontend. Now your author box should display like you have it configured.

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Updated on January 21, 2022

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