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Placing special offers in the right spot plays a vital role in increasing sales in your store. That’s why the Pro extension of the Molongui Deals for WooCommerce plugin provides you with an easy-to-use shortcode.

Display a Deal Anywhere you Like

The Molongui Deals for WooCommerce plugin allows you to display a high converting one-time-offer (OTO) in your Checkout page. The Pro extension enhances that feature by allowing you to display the offer also in the Cart page and Mini-Cart widget.

But what if you want to display the OTO in, let’s say, the sidebar of your shop? Or in an exit popup? Or anywhere you may need? We know placing special offers in the right place makes a huge difference on your revenue.

The Pro extension provides an easy-to-use shortcode you can place anywhere you can imagine. Just add it there where you want it to be displayed.

A trivial shortcode to display a Molongui Deal looks like this:

Editor input

[molongui_deal id=123]

That shortcode would display the deal with ID 123.


Check out below all the available attributes this shortcode can take:

The ID of the upsell to display.
Accepts integer.
Available since version 1.0.0.
Updated on February 28, 2022

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