Uncode is a multi-purpose premium WordPress theme designed to create any type of site using ready-to-use templates. And it is compatible with Molongui Authorship.

It includes a custom version of the well-known WPBakery Page Builder, which can be used to design custom templates and Content Blocks. The Content Block gives the website designer the ability to use Uncode WPBakery Page Builder to create and store sections of content that can then be integrated into other pages and used across the site. The Content Block can be used to create headers, archive layouts and footers.

When using Uncode and Molongui Authorship together you might experience issues on author pages. But only when you have them configured to use a Content Block to display author posts (page Content). And only if you have some guest or co-authored post in your site.

In such case, you might notice co-authored posts not being displayed on user pages. Which could cause the page to display a “Nothing found” message for those users who only have co-authored posts.

Similarly, you will get a “Nothing found” message on guest author pages —which is a premium feature that requires you to have the Pro extension.

To avoid that and get all guest and co-authored post listed on their author pages, you need to make sure you have Uncode configured to use the default template to display author archives’ content. That means you need to:

  1. Go to Uncode > Theme Options > Archives > Authors
  2. In the Content section, select the Inherit option for the Content Block setting.

This is required because Uncode’s Content Blocks overrides the WP_Query. And it does so ignoring any modification third party plugins might have done to it. Thus no longer knowing how to retrieve guest and co-authored posts.

How to Add the Author Box to Author Pages

You can easily add the author box to your site’s author pages. You just need to add a new Content Block and make use of the provided [[molongui_author_box]] shortcode —which is available only with the Pro extension.

Once you have it ready, you can configure Uncode to use that Content Block as the header of your author pages:

  1. Go to Uncode > Theme Options > Archives > Authors
  2. In the Header section, select the custom Content Block you have just added from the dropdown available for the Content Block setting.
Updated on January 21, 2022

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