License Activation Troubleshooting

When trying to activate your license key you might face any of the following issues. Here we list them and explain how to fix them.

I Don’t Have Any “License” Tab

In order to activate your key, you need to go to the Molongui plugin settings page and open the License tab. There you will have the form to activate your license key.

If you don’t have that License tab in the settings page, it means you don’t have the Pro extension installed. Just download the installer, install it and activate the plugin. The License tab should be displayed on the settings page now.

I get an “Invalid Request” error

If trying to activate your license you get an “Invalid Request” error, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Plugins page
  2. Deactivate the Molongui Pro extension
  3. Clear any cache your installation might have
  4. Reactivate the Molongui Pro extension
  5. Try to activate your license key again

I get an “Exceeded Activations” error

If trying to activate your license key you get an “Exceeded Number of Activations” error, it means your key is already active. You can check that on your My Account, under the Keys page.

If you have your key active for your site but the plugin keeps asking you to activate your license and when you do you get the “Exceeded Activations” error, you probably have something preventing license activation to complete. That “something” might be a firewall or a caching plugin. To fix this, please do as follows:

  1. Log in to your My Account
  2. Go to the Keys tab
  3. Delete the activation associated to the site you are trying to get your key active on
  4. Go to the Plugins page, where you have all your plugins listed
  5. Deactivate the Molongui Pro extension
  6. Deactivate any firewall* or caching plugin you might have active
  7. Reactivate the Molongui Pro extension
  8. Go back to the plugin settings page
  9. Open the License tab. If you already had this page open on a different browser tab, please make sure to refresh it
  10. Type in your license number and e-mail address (the one you provided upon purchase)
  11. Click on the Activate button
  12. You should get the “Activation Successful” message.
  13. Go back to the Plugins page and reactivate all those other plugins you deactivated while getting your key active.

* It might be a firewall plugin like Wordfence or Sucuri. Or a Web Application Firewall like the one provided by Cloudflare or your hosting provider.

If this doesn’t work, please open a support ticket with us explaining the steps you have followed and the error message you get so so we can assist.

Updated on July 6, 2021

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