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Author Pages

Author pages, aka author archives, are WordPress built-in pages which display a list of all posts written by the displayed author.

Molongui Authorship Pro enhances that built-in functionality providing author pages for guest authors. So you end up having author pages for both type of authors. For guest author pages, the plugin takes the same template you have for your registered users. That helps you keep the same look and feel across your site.

With Molongui Authorship, author pages list all posts an author has contributed to, so both main and co-authored posts are listed.

Do not confuse Author Pages with an Authors Page (aka “Contributors Page“). While the first one lists all posts written by an author, the latest one lists all authors who have contributed with their content to your site. Molongui Authorship Pro automatically creates for you an additional page called Contributors Page. You can customize that page using the editor of your choice.

Custom Template

Unlike posts or other pages you add to your site, WordPress doesn’t allow you to edit an author page. They are displayed using the template provided by your active theme. And some themes allow you to configure whether to display custom information about the author. This can include things like name, bio and social profiles.

Optionally, and if you are skilled enough, you can make use of some of the advanced tools the plugin provides to switch the page template either your author or guest author pages must use. In this case you would need to code a custom author template file and let the plugin know the path to it.

The plugin does not provide any sort of page builder or whatsoever to design custom templates for author pages. However, it is compatible with most well-known page builders, so you can make use any of them to create a custom template for author archives. The Molongui Authorship Pro plugin will take care of populating the list of posts to display on it.

Author Page Base

“Author Base” value shouldn’t match any other slug in your site. That would cause redirection issues. So, you cannot type in something like “writers” if you already have or plan to have a page named “Writers”, which default slug is/would be “writers”.

It makes sense to set an “Author Base” in the singular, rather than the plural.

Guest Author Pages

Molongui Authorship Pro allows you to customize different aspects of author pages, like permalink structure or the page title. You can even disable author pages if you don’t need them. But perhaps the most relevant feature that Molongui Authorship Pro offers is guest author archive pages.

Guest author archive pages are regular author archives but for guest authors instead of users.

Guest “Author Base” could match User “Author Base”. Both of them are considered as “Authors”, so it makes sense to keep the same URL structure for both.


When working with author pages you might face weird issues. Below you have some support articles that explain why they happen and how to fix them.

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