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WordPress provides users with author pages to give biographical information about themselves. This is usually done through the built-in author archive pages which display a list of all posts written by them.

Molongui Authorship Pro enhances that built-in functionality providing author archive pages for guest authors. So you end up having author archive pages for both type of authors. For those guest author pages, the plugin takes the same template you have for your registered users. That helps you keep the same look and feel across your site.

Optionally, and if you are skilled enough, you can make use of some of the advanced tools the plugin provides to switch the page template either your author or guest author archive pages must use. In this case you would need to code a custom author template file and let the plugin know the path to it.

The plugin does not provide any sort of page builder or whatsoever to design custom templates for author archive pages. However, it is compatible with most well-known page builders, so you can make use any of them to create a custom template for author archives. The Molongui Authorship Pro plugin will take care of populating the list of posts to display on it.

Custom information can also be displayed about your authors by making use of the provided shortcodes. This can include things like name, bio, job position, contact information, social profiles, and more.

Molongui Authorship Pro does create an additional page called Contributors Page. That is a single page that highlights your authors by displaying a list of authors with their photos. This is a must-have if you are running a multi-author WordPress blog.

Updated on January 21, 2022

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