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How to display the author box on author archive pages

Applies only to the Pro version of the plugin, release 1.3.3 or higher.
Go Pro!

It makes sense to show author information there where all his/her posts are listed, helping building credibility and strengthening your site’s authority among users. Molongui Authorship Premium allows you to place an author box on author pages, displaying the information of the author archive.

To display an author box on an author archive page, you will need access to the template file being used to render the author page. That file is placed into your site’s theme folder and it should be called something like: “author.php” or “archive.php”. If none of them exist, then “index.php” must be the file.

Once opened, just place the following code right where you would like the author box to appear:

<?php echo do_shortcode('[molongui_author_box]'); ?>

There’s no need to indicate the ID of the author because the plugin will show the correct one, but you can set any other configuration parameter you wish. Check this article to get a list of all available parameters.

<?php echo do_shortcode('[molongui_author_box layout=stacked box_border_style=dotted box_background=lightgrey]'); ?>
IMPORTANT: Should you want to include the author box inside PHP code, use the code above without opening <?php and closing ?> PHP tags.
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