Author Page Showing a Nothing Found Message

Author pages, aka author archives, are WordPress built-in pages which display a list of all posts written by the displayed author.

If the displayed author has no authored posts, then a misleading “Nothing Found” message is displayed. At least that’s WordPress standard. Themes might alter that.

But wait, I’m getting the Nothing Found message for authors who have authored posts

With Molongui Authorship Pro you have author archives for both, users and guest authors.

The plugin allows you to have a guest author with the same data (display name, email, bio…) than an existing user. You might think that’s unnecessary at first, but some website administrators find that useful.

Display name and e-mail address are the fields used to retrieve author data on author archives. When a Guest Author and a WordPress User share the same display name and registered e-mail address, WordPress User takes precedence and his/her data is displayed. So, if that user doesn’t have any authored post, you will get the “Nothing Found” message.

Premium Tip

Molongui Authorship Pro allows you to customize different aspects of author archives, like permalink structure or the page title. You can even disable author archives if you don’t need them.

Updated on June 27, 2021

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