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Caching is a widely used method for storing information statically so that it can be later accessed much more quickly. Many websites use it in the hope of speeding up load times.

So yes, caching is a great thing for your visitors so that the pages load faster. However, when building a website it can give you some serious headache.

I Don’t See My Changes!

If you have been using caching for a while, you already know what I’m talking about. If you don’t see your changes after updating your content, you need to clear your cache.

Once you get your caches flushed, new content will get displayed.

The Plugin Stopped Working!

Just like you do after updating your content, you need to flush your cache after updating any plugin.

Most caching plugins clear your cache after you update a post. But they usually don’t do that after a plugin update.

So if you have a caching plugin and something is wrong in your blog, first thing you should try is clearing your cache.


Flush your cache after updating any plugin. Once cleared, you can preload it if you wish.

How To Clear Your Cache

There are various points within your website network where you can cache data. Enumerating and describing them is out of the scope of this support article. For now, let’s just say that you might deal with four different types of cache:

  • Hosting Cache
  • Cache Plugins
  • CDN Cache
  • Browser Cache

And how to clear them requires a different approach. For your convenience, here we link :

Updated on January 21, 2022

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