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Applies only to the Pro version of the plugin, release 1.2.2 or higher.
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Not enough showing the author box on a post or page? Would you like to be able to display the author box elsewhere on your site? May be on your sidebar? Or in the footer of the page as a widget?

The Premium version of Molongui Authorship allows you to display an author box anywhere you like thanks to the use of a convenient and highly configurable shortcode. See this article to read more detailed information on how to use that shortcode.

A trivial shortcode to display a Molongui author box looks like this:

Editor input


Using this trivial shortcode, a Molongui Author Box will be rendered showing the information of the author of the page being displayed. The author box will be styled using the global configuration you have set on the plugin settings page.

If you want to customize how the author box will look like, you can use the shortcode with additional attributes to override the global plugin settings. All styling settings can be overridden.

You can even override which author to display! If no author ID given, the plugin will show the information of the page’s author. However, if you specify an author ID, Molongui Authorship will show all the information of that author.

The author box will get adapted to any given space, so don’t bother about your sidebar/widget/wherever being too narrow to place it. Molongui Authorship Premium has been coded to display a responsive author box, no matter the available space.

Updated on January 21, 2022

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