Display a Custom Image as Author Avatar

Allow registered users to choose between using Gravatar or upload and select their own avatars right from their profile screen.

Registered User Support

Registered users get to choose between letting WordPress loading the Gravatar associated to their email account or uploading a custom image as their profile avatar.

Local avatar for WP users

Guest Author Support

Just like registered users can do for their profile image, you can upload a custom local avatar for your guest authors.

Local avatar for guest authors

Letter Avatar

Display letter avatar based on author name’s initials. An alternative to Gravatar and local avatar.

Letter avatar

Fallback Avatar Source

Tired of that boring default user image for those users without avatar? Molongui Authorship allows you to choose what to display when no avatar is found. It really makes a big different in the ascetics of your site!

Default avatar

Author Avatar Shortcode

The [molongui_author_avatar] shortcode allows you to display the avatar for the current post author or for any author you indicate. Really handy shortcode when building a custom page.

For multi-authored posts, use the [post_avatars] shortcode instead.


Post Avatars Shortcode

The [post_avatars] shortcode is meant for multi-authored posts —a post with multiple contributors— but it works on single-authored posts as well. It allows you to display the avatars for all the post authors.

This might be specially useful when you want to display the avatars in your post byline.


Why Molongui Authorship for Local Avatars?

The Molongui Authorship plugin is the easiest alternative to Gravatar — just install the plugin and you’ll see a new avatar upload field added to user profiles.

Why Go Pro?

Check below which Local Avatar features are only available in the premium version of the plugin.

Toggleable Feature
Local Avatar for Registered Users
Local Avatar for Guest Authors
Letter Avatar
Fallback Avatar Source
Byline Compatible
Author Box Compatible
Comments Compatible
Author Page Compatible
Author Avatar Shortcode
Post Avatars Shortcode

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